Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC) is one of the major fundamental formations of Ministry of Oil .IDC is an Iraqi National Company established in 1990 and the main purpose of its establishment is to limit the drilling and workover operations in an one national company working on all geographical area in Iraq after that operations was directed by and be in charge of the extraction companies such as South Oil Company (SOC) & North Oil Company (NOC).

After 2003 and through that long and wide experience filled with challenges , IDC be capable of possessing 43 rigs (drilling & workover) and IDC seeks to increase its rigs by purchasing new rigs during this year with a highly power and capacity .During that work, IDC was able to complete drilling 230 wells and workover 600 wells in the period of 1990-2003.After 2003 till now drilled approximately 423 wells and workover more than 1077 wells because of the increasing of IDC's purchase power of new rigs ,i.e , in the last 10 years IDC was able to complete the double of what had been completed before 2003 .

IDC had the important role for keeping the production cap after the war in 2003 which resulting a destruction in infrastructures to all Iraqi facilities and organizations but IDC was able to rehabilitation the drilling and workover rigs to engage rigs in performing the drilling operations to keep the production cap of Iraqi oil on that difficult period of time of history of Iraq. IDC was able to and made all endeavor efforts of possessing a new rigs in conformity with new period that foreign companies have entered in licensing rounds where the new rigs of company in 2007 were 24 rigs (drilling & workover ) in addition to IDC's old rigs which would make IDC able to ,with technical & engineering experience of IDC , enter and participate as an effective competitor with International Foreign Companies working in Iraqi fields within licensing rounds that made most international companies to enter into contract with IDC .

IDC was proved its huge ability via a highly record in completing the work and in compliance with safety .IDC had been granted an ISO certificate and IDC is seeking for another International certificate.IDC resumed the exploration drilling operations after the stoppage in the exploration operations in Iraqi fields since 1983 ,and it was the first successful experience in drilling Dima well within Misan oilfield. Meanwhile, IDC is about to complete Sindibad well / B .

As a result of the wide range of work ,IDC was able to increase its human resources of about 8600 personnel after it was about 3600 personnel in 2003.IDC built the new building of company in Al-Berjisia which deemed as one of the biggest building in Basra and built a storage building and enormous technical workshops in conformity with work volume that performing by Company. IDC in coordination with Ministry of oil arranged a large number of intensive training courses to develop the technical and administration capacities for its personnel . The fruit of that training courses was obtaining a number of personnel the IWCF certificate. IDC's personnel are seeking with good will and firm belief to complete the achievements and successes one after another to achieve an increase in the Iraqi national production which oil is deemed as the most important resources to push the progress of Iraq forward through build the modern Iraq country based on the elements of economic growth.