Overview of the Company Approach

IDC aims to be a responsible company locally, nationally and internationally and is making significant efforts in terms of its social and environmental responsibilities. The Company is committed to complying with international standards and has, to this effect.
IDC implemented a sustainable development and environmental (SDE) strategy which comprises distinct levels of action, undertaken in close consultation with concerned stakeholders:

1)To minimise and mitigate any possible harm or damage, whether to populations, wildlife or the environment, ensuring the residual impact is either nil, negligible or moderate at most
2)To establish a positive and enduring legacy in Iraq.
Specific training programmes have been set up to transfer the necessary skills to employee to enable them to participate significantly in the project, whilst maintaining a performance which is in line with internationally accepted quality and standards .

IDC has also sought to meet international standards with respect to consultation and disclosure involving several interested stakeholders inside and outside Iraq, ranging from local to international , Iraqi authorities both at ministerial and local levels and locally affected communities.